Publish Date : 20.12.2018

The Purpose Of Establishment


          The aim of Turkish Mine Action Center (TURMAC) is to determine politics about humanitarian mine (HMA) and unexploded ordnance  (UXO) actions and is to plan these actions, manage them and follow their realization which complies with determined basics in the boundaries of Republic of Turkey. Also, other aim of it is to provide cooperation with related domestic and international organizations.  
          The responsibility of making the National Mine Action Plan which incorporates national policy, strategy, priorities and working plans and also submitting this plan to President of Turkey are given to Turkish Mine Action Center (TURMAC) by related legal decision. In this situation, our purpose is to make away risks of land mine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) with cooperating related ministries, organizations and institutions. 

          In the direction of establishing purpose of Turkish Mine Action Center (TURMAC), strategic purpose and aims of Turkish National Mine Action Plan that is prepared for 2019-2021 period,

-To complete institutionalization with sustainable national capacity,
-To perform mine actions within the context of determined priorities,
-To give a mine risk education with the significant purposes of helping victims of mine, taking away accident and injuries arise from unexploded ordnance (UXO).